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Scott Fullex

Master Manual Therapist & Nationally Certified Bodyworker


Scott Fullex is a Master Manual Therapist with a National Certification from the National Boards of Massage and Bodywork. He is also a Co-Author of the Medical Massage & Associates, Nation Lecture, Teacher at both college level and national seminars for CEU’s.

Scott works with empathy resulting from a life changing accident. In 1991 he broke his L-5 from his spinal column and had to use a wheel chair, walker and cane and was told that he would need these devices for the rest or his life with a permanent  label of disabled. He fought back by learning the body intricacies and developing his ever change technique.

He has been practicing since 1994 helping hundreds of patients and clients each year with a policy that states if he cant help you don't pay~ by the way he has never had to give money back!

Scott's theory for his technique that he employs is to establish balance, movement, strength, then stability all within a comfortable discomfort level of each person. Scott is also a Personal Trainer and has been working in and out of gyms since 1977.

Clifton Davis

Dutch Kickboxing Instructor

Hard Play MMA Champion/3rd Degree Black Belt
3 Time World Champion Kickboxer


Clifton has been training in Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Boxing for over 20 years.  He has competed at all levels throughout his kickboxing career and has an impressive record of 57 wins with only 8 losses. As an Amateur Boxer he has a solid record of 27 wins and 5 loses. In addition to Clifton’s impressive striking career he also began wrestling at age 10 and continued through high school and college where he wrestled at UNC Pembroke.  Clifton brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science.

Renee Lamm, MD

Certified Spin Instructor

Dody Fullex

Medical Consultant/Family Nurse Practitioner

Alx Johnson

Social Media Manager

Liz Sellers

Office/Store Manager

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