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AA Health Weight Management

Not a diet but a change in life

The program bases watching:


Eating habits

PH levels

Sugar levels

Balance between- protein, carbs. & fats

Postural balance

Muscle balance

Fluid intake

Nutrition supplements

Exercise program

This program is not a quick fix, give me a pill.

This is a life changing event that is the healthy way to get control of your life!
The first 50lbs I lost was without exercising!
Not because I wanted to, but I had a laretal/medial ankle strain/sprain and was in a boot for 4 months.



Weight: 272
Body Fat: 28.7
Pants Size: 38-40
Shirt Size: 52 (XXL)

Weight: 205
Body Fat: 14.9
Pants Size: 33
Shirt Size: 46 (XL)

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